Kitchen Theatre’s production of “Crooked”

Ithaca has its own little Off Broadway theatre, the intimate space at the Kitchen Theatre. The quality matches anything, anywhere: one certainly imagines they are in the theater district of New York when sitting in the ‘Kitchen.’
I had the opportunity on March 9th to see a production of Crooked, by Catherine Trieschmann, which runs through March 17th. The emotional ride of this delicate production teeters between full-blown teenage angst and drama and the edge of a deeper potential anguish. Relationships between mother and daughter, single parent and single child, child and missing father, teenage friendship, truth and drama – all these and more are explored with equal parts intensity and humor. Three characters unravel these many layers. The piece provides emotions that range from authentic and fulfilling to more disturbing and unresolved issues.
The acting was achingly exquisite by each of three actresses who wove a seamless tapestry together. Erin Jerozal dances to the histrionics of a complicated child with grace, concern, frustration, patience, humor, sincerity, and always an underlying fear that the audience can taste. Her daughter, played by talented and believable Molly Stoller, struggles with an unedited, teenage stream of thought that hints at a more troubled existence and strives for control. The third party mix is lovingly played by Ally Poole, a firebrand religious zealot who struggles with her own insecurities, beliefs, and doubt. The piece was superbly directed by Rachel Lampert who describes it as, “eavesdropping on conversations not meant to be public.”
The 2013 spring season continues with three more outstanding productions, each worth a special trip to Ithaca.
*From April 10 through April 28th, a comedy sensation from Broadway last season on addition, recovery, and adultery: The MotherF**ker With the Hat.
*Following this comes And, Lately…, a musical theater evening of stories and possible conclusions as a personal inventory of landing in a new place, by Rachel Lampert. It runs from May 8 through May 19th.
* June 12 through 30 presents Alice Eve Cohen’s charming story of motherhood, our fractured medical system, and the surprising choices that life can send our way. Based on her best selling book, an Oprah 25 Best Summer Books pic, comes What I Thought I Knew, written and performed by Alice Eve Cohen.
Any one of these plays is reason enough to visit our little mecca called Ithaca. You will find so much to do here, but good theatre is one thing not to be taken for granted and here in Ithaca, we appreciate the quality of our theatre.

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Erin Jerozal, Ally Poole and Molly Stollerd in KTC's production of "Crooked"

Erin Jerozal, Ally Poole and Molly Stollerd in KTC’s production of “Crooked”

Photo Credit: Ed Dittenhoefer Photography