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The Coddington Guest House Bed & Breakfast in Upstate NY in the Finger Lake Region The Coddington Guest House

Denice Karamardian DeSouza

130 Coddington Road

Ithaca, NY 14850




Location, views, and family suites are the features at the Coddington, a neighborhood fixture of the local Italian community. Nestled between Ithaca College and Cornell campuses, The Coddington Guest House sits on the border of the IC campus, and features breathtaking views of Cayuga Lake, Cornell, and Ithaca. Multi-bed family suites, TV, A/C, and wireless internet. Close to downtown, major state parks and waterfalls, Farmer’s Market, and waterfront. The convenience of being in the city with a gorge walking trail yards away, the welcoming ambience to families and children, and the full breakfasts, make relaxing at the Coddington a reality. See what you came to visit from your bedroom window!

The Coddington Guest House is bright, cheerful, clean, comfortable, inspiring, and relaxing. It’s a place where you’ll catch your breath at the view from your room. It’s a home away from home. All three of the suites at the Coddington enjoy a private bath, ample closet space, refrigerators, and space to spread out in adjacent TV sitting areas. Two of the suites are perfect for families, accommodating four to eight; two have private entrances; and each has an adjacent kitchen or microwave oven. Our living areas also feature exercise equipment and a piano.

The Coddington Guest House Bed & Breakfast in Upstate NY in the Finger Lake RegionWhen you enter the rooms at The Coddington, you can choose from total privacy and reflection, social interaction, or a combination of the two. You’re in the City, yet surrounded by nature. You can see most of the community you’re visiting right from your bedroom window, or from a relaxing porch chair. Walk a gorge trail yards from the porch, step down the street to a fine restaurant, enjoy the beauty of the Finger Lakes or hop to one of Ithaca’s two major college campuses within minutes. You can enjoy breakfast with other guests, or in private. Play piano, watch movies or TV, work out on a treadmill, sit and read, or just enjoy the view. A sumptuous breakfast is also provided. Your hostess will customize your morning meal according to your breakfast needs. Whether you’re used to eating on the run, or prefer to enjoy a full sit-down experience, you’ll begin your day fully satisfied.

What’s the Italian connection?

This house has welcomed many first-generation Italian immigrants since they began to arrive in Ithaca at the beginning of the 20th Century. From large families to mail-order brides, many of these immigrants stopped first at 130 Coddington Road on their way to a more established existence. The Coddington Guest House honors those memories and traditions that were so much a part of the Ithaca community when its ranks swelled with hopeful strangers from afar. May these walls continue to be welcoming.

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